We are a team of big thinkers with a great passion for a variety of technologies from a variety of sources.

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Our StyleWe are flexible in our approach and diverse in our range of abilities.
Each project is challenge, and we treat it as such.

Gather Requirements

We like to get a chance to meet you eye to eye to get an early impression of you and the project then after some email & document exchanges alongside a couple of telephone calls, we have all we need to get a clear picture of the project.

Face-To-Face Meetings
Requirement Identification

Propose Solutions

After analyzing the requirements we brainstorm ideas and then we team up with you to develop the best approach for the project.

From specialized limitations, to time crunches, to spending concerns.
We look at all angles and presents you with two "Project Plans".

Project Plan consists of:

Technology Overview

Features / Requirements

Roadmap, Milestones & Timeline

Pricing Structure & Cost

Build the Product

After selection of a proposal, we start to build the product using the agile design & development techniques.

The "Iterative Development" method we use ensures a fast & continuous stream of deliverables, allowing for quick feedback from you, tweaking and iterating until a complete solution is reached.

The each iterative development consists of:

Prototype Development

Prototype Testing

Client Feedback of Prototype

Integration into the Product

Deploy & Monitor Product

Once the product is complete, we deploy it on all necessary mediums (such as the web / cloud or mobile app stores). We monitor performance from both a technical and user behavior perspective and provide regular progress reports as agreed upon in the proposal.

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