We are a team of big thinkers with a great passion for a variety of technologies from a variety of sources.

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IoT DevelopmentWe build IoT devices for businesses and households to connect, monitor and control almost everything from the cloud.

We design and develop IoT devices that suits for both home and industrial level applications. IoT applications help companies bridge the physical and digital worlds, turning contextual information from sensors into insights and action.

We help you to securely connect and manage devices, analyze data, and apply cognitive services.

IoT Development

Universal Features

All our services come with these great features to help you manage, promote, develop and safe guard your business.

Latest Technology

New and stable technology.

Debug4 Life

Analyse & rectify all bugs and errors for life.

Style Lanka

A little taste of Sri Lanka culture & heritage.

Secure Framework

All operations are secured.

Free Maintenance

Maintenance free for the first year.

Exclusive Training

A full-fledged training for you and your staff.

Device Construction

Simply presenting the product is not enough anymore therefore we follow a user centered design and relentlessly focus on user needs with the objective of driving them towards taking action.

All our devices are built with performance in mind and quipped with a hardware framework tailored for you.


Plug & Play

Plug the device, watch the magic.

Energy Saving

Consume less energy.

Safety First

Designed for your safety.

Lightning Protection

Lightning & overload protection.

Customizable Design

Change the look after production.

Take it Everywhere

Suited for almost all environments.

Hardware Firmware

IoT technology is evolving at a breath taking phase and technologies like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and NodeMCU has played a major role but the programming in them sometimes isn't effective in handling major operations.

We design for you robust, fast and effective firmware for hardware devices using the latest technology.


Light Weight

Least possible byte capacity.

Fast Operations

Perform operations faster.

Automate Operations

Automate tasks that repeat.

Scalable Application

Application expand with growth.

PCB Design

We design best quality Printed Circuit Boards and help you to present your project or product with an industry level professional look & feel. We use best desiging tools in the industry to deliver error free and robust PCBs.

The materials in all our PCBs to ensure maximum quality and customer satisfaction.


Best Quality

Industry level best design.

Multi Layered

Maximum two layer PCB.

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