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Software DevelopmentWe tailor user friendly enterprise applications for you and your company that are scalable, secure and productive.

You can't always solve every problem with a single out-of-the box solution, just as every business is different so are their needs & wants.

That’s why we develop fully tailored, highly scalable and productive software that support your decision making processes and help you automate operations.

Software Development

Universal Features

All our services come with these great features to help you manage, promote, develop and safe guard your business.

Latest Technology

New and stable technology.

Debug4 Life

Analyse & rectify all bugs and errors for life.

Style Lanka

A little taste of Sri Lanka culture & heritage.

Secure Framework

All operations are secured.

Free Maintenance

Maintenance free for the first year.

Exclusive Training

A full-fledged training for you and your staff.

Standalone Applications

Sometimes in life you require the smallest & the simplest things to get a job completed rather than complete & complex tools. Standalone applications are such tools that require the least of your resources to perform an operation.

Remember the standalone applications we build are specifically built to complete only one specified type of your operations.


Piece of Cake

Very simple to handle & operate.

Part of a Whole

Easy integration into products.

Cross Platform

Works on all major platforms.

Less Requirements

Require the least resources.

Enterprise Software

Our enterprise software development for corporations of all sizes will make your corporation run faster and smoother than ever before. Our automated workflows & intelligent reports provide support to make critical operational decisions in a timely manner.

Why manage operations manually? when we can provide you with enterprise software that can help you manage your corporation.


Reliable Transactions

Safe error handling of transactions.

Fast Data Manipulation

Perform operations faster.

Automate Operations

Automate tasks that repeat.

Scalable Application

Application expand with growth.

Intelligent Reports

Management reports for you.

Easy Navigation

Find what you want easily.

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